Monday, March 19, 2007

Update and Training in Marin

Ok, so I wasn't as bad a time-trialer as my last performance indicated. After struggling 2 weeks with a bad cold I went to visit Dr. Bob Adams (USA Track & Field Sports Med Chair & Dr.) who found out that I had bronchitis and strep.

I'm on anti-biotics but still rode and ran this weekend with a short attempt to do an open water swim in the bay (53 degrees). The anti-biotics killed my upper end (zone 4+) which made some of the longer climbs this weekend a bit rough. I rode to Nicaso, CA with a small group on Sat on my road bike and then solo'd the ride on my TT bike on Sunday. Sat's ride was followed by a zone 2 run with zone 4 3x3min efforts for a total of 3.75 hours on the bike and 1 hour run.

I tried to swim in the bay in my new Orca Sonar suit (we have a dock on the water) Sunday morning but didn't have a neoprene hoodie. I thought I could tough it out but my head was frozen in minutes. Addtionally, I got pretty freaked out by the lack of a blue line beneath me. The water is green and you can see about 1-2 yards max. If you've got ideas on how to get over this 'phobia' mail me. I'm not looking forward to getting in the open water until I have some idea how to get over this.

I've got some exciting news regarding a triathlon camp we're trying to put together with Chris McCormack and his manager Scott Fairchild. Hopefully I'll have some news next week.

Oh yeah, it was 70+ here this weekend. I saw a few clouds yesterday but they were about 15 miles away. My sun burn is feeling not so bad.

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