Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sponsorship for 2007 and Thanks

2 great pieces for today:

1) I will be sponsored in 2007 for Inside Triathlon Magazine
2) Thanks

Inside Triathlon is building a team for 2007 with 15 men and 15 women. I applied a few days ago and here was the response from Lars Finanger:

"We have been reviewing all apps for the last few weeks and yours is the first one we have all collectively said YES to after the first read through".

I'll know about the details next week but the high-level is: pedals, a helmet, new shades, a custom tri-top, shorts, goggles, hydration belts, gel, bars, and drink mix for the entire season, plus a free coaching services provided by the reknown Joe Friel.

Thanks - If it weren't for a lot of people I wouldn't be racing triathlons again - I'd likely be doing somethig but not training and focusing quite like I am this season on doing really well.
  1. Greta - my wife. She doesn't complain about my training, the spandex all over the house, disappearing for half a day on the weekends, or all of the bags, bikes, food in powder format and my 8:30pm bedtime. She's supportive in more ways that I will probably ever acknowledge. I'm lucky - I picked a good one. I owe her much. She's also a fox and owns her own ad agency.
  2. Sada and Piper - my girls. Sada is 3.75 years old and Piper is 1.75. Sada knows that I ride a bike and she can run like the wind. I get hugs when I get home, lots of squeals and sometimes a 'daddy you stink'. They're amazing. We're learning how to swim in the hot tub.
  3. Scott Fairchild - An amazingly generous, smart, and well connected guy. He asked me about 6 times about getting me a sweet bike. I kept putting it off and then one day took him up on it. He's given me a ton of great opportunities and support. I dont' think I have much in my arsenal that he hasn't provided: Hed wheels and Hed VO4 TT bike, a Kestrel Talon SL, Orca wetsuit, Under Armour clothing, etc... There isn't a person in traithlon who doesn't know Scott. It also just so happens that he's also an agent and friend of Chris McCormack - a guy whose interviews I read over and over just to get fired up about racing. Says 'mate' a lot. Wins even more. His wife is a fox too (she's Greta's cousin).
  4. Tracy Shriver - A good friend from Seattle and now Austin. We've ridden hundreds if not thousands of miles - mostly bonked - together. He's a triathlete who can win on salt water taffy, whole milk, a few donuts and 2-3 beers - just talented and does well at whatever he tries. He's also the reason I turned off comments on my blog. I was visiting him in Austin for his wedding and saw the CapTex Tri that same weekend. That's what got me back out on the bike and training. I am not sure if he gets credit for this.
  5. Chris Tremonte - A pro and friend from Redmond, WA. Chris is a wealth of triathlon information. I first saw him as the first pro to exit the water at the Kirkland Triathlon last season - he was then in Triathlete Magazine a month later. I searched him out and found that he's a great guy, focused, talented (I've never actually seen a rooster tail behind anyone swimming - he goes THAT fast). You ask him a question and you'll get 1-2 pages of a response. He also takes pictures of his weekly produce run and posts them on his blog. I wish he was here to train with in CA. He was easy to talk out of working in order to go ride.
  6. Ben Collins - He's got hairy legs but can whoop you so fast you'll mess your chamois. I don't think I've ridden with anyone as talented as Ben. He was ranked in Triathlon Magazine as the best age grouper under 25 and is ranked #1 in USAT for under 25. I can only find inspiration from this guy because I can't even sit on his wheel for a 5 min effort. I do know that he can't sprint for crap. Look for Ben to win age group worlds and then turn pro. He's also easy to talk into turning a 2 hour ride into 3-4 hours. He's also sponsored by Inside Triathlon for 2007.


Tracy said...

chris eats more vegetables in a week than i eat in a year.

i'm currently carbo loading on shiner bock for IMAZ.

Tracy said...

chris eats more vegetables in a week than i eat in a year.

i'm currently carbo loading on shiner bock for IMAZ this weekend.