Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Race season is on, the trouble is - someone forgot to tell my legs. I showed up to race the Ice Breaker TT this past Sunday (36 degrees) and was there 3 hours before my start time. I waited but my legs never showed. Lance and the Discovery boys joked about riding so well that if felt like there was 'no chain' and I felt like my chain was wrapped around my trainer which happened to be dragging behind me.

I did a TT test of 5 miles in Zone 4 (171-177 bpm) a few days before (Tuesday) the TT and felt great. Managed about 21-23mph with a little bit of a wind so I thought I'd be fine to capture a top 10 and maybe a top 3 time and ride a steady 26-27mph without even being hurt too badly.

Excuses first:
  1. It snowed 4 inches Wednesday
  2. I caught the flu on Wednesday evening
  3. I got to bed at 12:30 the night before the TT (woke up at 5am)
  4. I did a max power and LT test on the bike the day before
  5. I wasn't feeling good and didn't eat very much the day before
  6. I had a tire go down 1 min before I started the race
  7. I haven't done a bike race as a cat 3 in about 4 years

So with that in mind, here's how the race went:

I did a nice warm-up of about 40 mins, taking 5 mins in each zone with a few mins in Zone 5 (my TT zone) 2x. I had 8 mins to ride a 7 min ride to the start when I noticed my front tire had gone very soft. It was a tubular with a valve extension so I hoped it was just a leaky valve extension. So I raced to the car, pumped the tire and hauled it to the start line. I got there with 8 seconds before I was scheduled to leave. If there was fast guy at the race - it was me going from the parking lot to the start line.

I started the race - 10 miles out and back, slight downhill on the way out (maybe a net drop of 10 meters on the way out). I was fine - started at 177 and riding 27mph. I passed about 5 riders (we were at 30 second intervals and start times were based on registration - not category or class). I hit 182 (hr) and felt ok and then things began to go dark - I had expected to ride at this HR and then finish the race around 188 - which I've done before in longer races. I began to slow down - just a few tenths here and there which I think was about .7 mph per mile. My HR never dropped and I didn't struggle terribly - everything just felt flat - like one of the 23 possums I saw along the road. I think I was passed by two Cat 1s and a dung beetle rolling a turd at some point. It was sad.

Score 30 unhurt, hurt 1 (ok, it was a DNF but it still counts). I consider this my mulligan.

UPDATE: as noted above it turns out I had bronchitis and strep. I don't feel so bad now.

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Tracy said...

excuses. please.
1. the race was sunday, not wednesday
2. by flu i'm assuming you mean "i'll have the queso, por favor."
3. the night before the night before is your important sleep night.
4. are you new at this? why don't you go skiing and maybe lift weights the day before just for kicks?
5. either check your skirt at the door or take a day off. this is nutrition 101.
6. at least you remembered your bike, and hopefully tissues for all this crying you're doing.
7. i think that race was equally spectacular. the ballard crit, maybe? i remember trying to change the subject with your wife instead of focussing on the whooping you were getting on the course.