Monday, February 26, 2007

Breaking the Law... Breaking the Law

I was just riding in Redmond on the bike lane of 202 (local road) when some jackass swerved at me and told me to get off the road. What he didn't know is that there are about 4 lights that are always red about 1 min down the road - it just didn't make sense to me why he'd swerve, give me the bird and then stop a few hundred yards down the road.

At the light, I caught up to him to ask him what his problem was as I slowly rode by and he immediately gunned the car at me and tried to take me out in front of everyone at a 'major' intersection. I hopped on the curb quickly and tried to put some sidewalk/lightpost between my spandex and his car.

He jumped out of the car (a sweet light blue, single hubcap 92 Buick Regal) and chased me (while I had my super grippy Look compatible running shoes on, oh wait, they're carbon soled Sidis T2.6's).

I turned around to confront the jackal and he swiftly punched me good in my head (hitting my cheek and helmet).

As he waited for me to respond he wound up again for a 2nd shot, he looked at me pretty funny as I just stood there....looking directly at a King County sheriff parked right behind him who apparently saw the whole thing.

He took a 2nd swing at me and I moved out of the way.

When the cop asked him what happened, he said he was 'defending himself from me' and that he didn't take any swings at me (despite the blood on the side of my face). He got a free pair of bracelets (because he was dumb enough to lie to the cop) and I got to continue my much delayed ride in the rain.
Hopefully this makes you feel better if you've ever been run off the road or run into one of these yahoos.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Numbers

It's been a few days (weeks) since my last post. Lots to do in order to sell our home in Redmond, WA and move to our new place in Tiburon (Paradise Cay), CA. We've got a place that's on the water with a dock - so I'm looking forward to getting out there for some open water swims and longer efforts where I don't hit a wall every few seconds.

I did my testing: VO2 Max, Lactate Threshold and Max HR.

Here's what I got:
VO2 Max: 63 (apparently this isn't a bad number).
Lactate Threshold (run only): 182
Max HR: (run only) 195

Not bad considering my fitness level and the fact that I took 4 years off from any type of exercise. It's really helped to my training and my coach has me digging into some other zones on both the run and bike. It's been pretty boring sitting in zone 1 for >3 months. This month I'm in my Base training - week 1 was 12 hours, week 2 was 14.25 hours, week 3 is 16 hours and week 4 is 8.5 + a time trial up here in Washington. I think it's 10 miles - but will be a good test for me.

I got out on the TT bike earlier this week in Z2 and held 21mph in a headwind and 23mph with no headwind - all at a pretty easy HR. No aero wheels - just my bars and bike. Felt really good. I expect to pick up a few more mph over the coming weeks and with the Hed Stinger 60s and Giro Advantage 2 helmet. I'm also riding one some of the new Sidi T2.6 Carbon shoes. Very nice.