Monday, January 22, 2007

Sick and testing

This winter has sucked. I've either been sick, snowed in (inches of ice everywhere) or beat back by the volume of rain (which in turn ends up getting me sick). I think I'm on the other side and as my coach says 'on the way back from stress mountain'. You'd think that with 10-20 hours a week of workouts that one would be stress free huh? It's somehow a paradoxical nightmare that I'm more stressed about missing workouts than the stress that I relieve from working out.

Regardles.... I'm doing weekly 1 hour run testing. Run around the track at a low HR (I'm shooting for 140-142) and after 30 mins turn around and see if you can get back to the starting point. After 2 of these, I'm still not getting back to the start. I'm about .66 of a lap behind but suspect that since I've only run 60 mins 2x in the past 8 weeks that it could be something to do with that! I expect to see progress soon - not immediate but soon.

On Jan 30th I go in for V02 Max and Lactate Threshold testing for running and then LT testing for the bike (might get some max power testing in then too). I'll post that when I get the results. Not sure what to expect but I'm keeping them low.

I keep forgetting to add some of my favorite resources and links:
Chris McCormack - hands down, he kicks a ton of ass and hurts a lot of people, mostly Germans!
Simply Stu Podcats - he's good, at 1.5 hours each, they're great for the commute or plane ride.


Tracy said...

podcasts? a google blog? does MS approve of this, or has the reversal of the brainwashing begun?

Tracy said...

i am all over this blog like stink on a monkey. i should make a blog of me commenting on your blog.

regardless...if you're retired, and you're working out 10-20 hours a week, that leaves about 150 hours of week to sit around and stay fat. how is that stressful?

Tracy said...

$20 says your VO2 max results come back with a reading of "Velveeta" and your LT test comes back "positive - lactating"