Monday, January 29, 2007

Back on (the) Black (bike)

What a great week. It's been sunny and clear in the Seattle area all week. I've fixed an issue with my protein intake (I was about 50% too low) and chucked my multi-vitamin. My colds appear to be gone and my HR is running real steady.

My running TT (30 mins out at 142 HR and 30 mins back at 142 HR) showed some great improvement - I ran 0.37% lower than in previous attempts, and my 1st half was 4.74% further and my 2nd half was 8% further (week over week) than previous attempts.

I finally got out on the new TT bike - a minor issue with a stiff chain but it was spectacular. The frame absorbs so many of the high frequency bumps and it just rode great. I'm riding w/ a TT front gearing (55/44) but barely noticed it.
I got in about 10 hours this week (9 was the goal) which is great considering the string of sickness and crappy weather we've had. I'm looking at another few weeks of good, solid and consistent base training for the next 6-8 weeks. My first race is early March.


Anonymous said...

why did you chuck your multi-v?

I have recently (past 4 months) been heavily on a suppliment and ultra-healthy diet. my experiences are mixed and will share once I hear your thoughts... I don't want to taint your response...

Loren Pokorny said...

I am pretty sensitive to anything I take: tylenol, vitamins, caffine, alcohol, etc... - so it's likely that it's just me taking the recomended dosage which just is too much. It was a GNC brand of 'performance' vitamins. I was advised by my coach to go with the following: Vitamin E & C, Magnesium and take 1 multi-vitamin every other day.

MK said...

I need one of those for my commute. ;)